• Now Hiring: User Experience Designer (UXD) - The1stMovement

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    The1stMovement is hiring: User Experience Designer (UXD). Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • Now Hiring: Design Director / ACD - Something Massive

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    Something Massive is hiring: Design Director / ACD. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • Behind the Scenes of Chipotle's New Film 'The Scarecrow'

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    It's an epic piece of animation and storytelling. Here's the story behind its creation.

  • It's Not Porn, It's HBO

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    Various actors book their first major role in an HBO show — and explain it in porn-ish terms.


  • "Between the Edges:" Featuring the Art of Dave Kinsey

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    The Arbor Collective visits Dave Kinsey at his home studio in the Western slopes of the Sierras, where he talks about his background, influences, and process in creating current works of art. Named by Complex Magazine in 2012 as one of the100 most influential artists of the past decade, Kinsey is known around the world for his street art, graphic design and fine art pursuits.

  • How Advertising Agencies Learned to Love the Bomb

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    What’s so fun about peace, love and detonatable devices lately? Once meant to denote destruction, the word “bomb” has been co-opted and stripped of negative qualities. Add it to any noun nowadays (moneybomb, artbomb, foodbomb) and it is used to describe/depict a visual explosion of that thing—and quite often, a cheerful one.

    Creatives are the latest to join the bomb squad. Associate Creative Director Phil Henson is moonlighting from ad agency life at Team One in SoCal with business partner Keith Manning, Creative Director at Vistaprint in Boston. The duo is launching T-shirt company HappyBombs with the idea of selling apparel that makes an impact.

    Each month, the duo will identify a worthy cause (e.g. The HALO Trust, Water.org or Stop Diabetes) and design a modest line of HappyBombs products (T-shirts, stickers, prints) inspired by the initiative. Then, using their marketing smarts and social media skills, they’ll spend the month raising awareness and money for the cause, which receives half the profits.

    HappyBombs Anthem from HappyBombs on Vimeo.

    But charity begins at home: Phil and Keith are raising money for HappyBombs on Indiegogo and are about halfway to their goal. Once they raise the needed launch funds, the smiling grenade “OriginalBomb” shirt will begin selling online and new designs will roll out each month. Follow the effort on Twitter: @HappyBombs #Boomgoesthehappy

  • L.A.’s True Carmageddon? Hyundai Walking Dead App

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    Hyundai North America and creative agency INNOCEAN USA are partnering with The Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment on a digital experience that invites fans to design and outfit their zombie survival machines at The Walking Dead Chop Shop.

    Last year, Hyundai and INNOCEAN unveiled a “zombie survival edition” of the Hyundai Elantra Coupe in a partnership with Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comic book series and founder of its publishing company, Skybound Entertainment. This year, fans can one-up Kirkman’s design with Chop Shop, which is an auto configuration app with three cars and 300 parts, including flamethrowers and other custom-designed features fit for a zombie apocalypse. One design will be transformed into a real zombie survival machine that will be unveiled this fall.

    Fans start by choosing a Hyundai Elantra, Veloster Turbo or Santa Fe, and then add armor, survival accessories and decals created in collaboration with Kirkman and Skybound artists. Users can share their creations with friends, get a survival score, test them out in apocalyptic scenarios and enter them into the ultimate contest. Kirkman will deems which doom buggy is best built to withstand the rigors of the coming hellscape.

    Season 4 of AMC’s series based on The Walking Dead comic books returns October 13.

    Creative Credits:
    Client: Hyundai Motor America
    Agency: INNOCEAN USA
    Executive Creative Director: Greg Braun
    VP, Creative Director: Tom Pettus
    Creative Director: Scott Muckenthaler
    Associate Creative Director, Art: Charles Gerstner
    Art Director: Derek Arzoo
    Copywriter: Brian Chin
    Agency Tech Lead: Derek Dintzner
    Technology Director: Peter Cole
    User Experience Director: Nate Manchester
    VP, Director of Integrated Production: Jamil Bardowell
    Director of Digital Production: Matt Pollock
    Digital Producer: Ashley Hadzopoulos
    Director of Creative Services: Jill Pool
    Art & CGI Supervisor: Barb Sanson
    Art Producer: Kristen Miller
    CGI Producer: Kristen Miller
    VP, Group Account Director: Juli Swingle
    Account Executive: Nadia Hernandez
    Director of Product Information: Brian Bittker
    Product Information Specialist: Charlie Ashby
    VP, Digital Engagement & Strategy: Uwe Gutschow
    Digital Analyst: Darian Gray
    Director, Digital Strategy: Nguyen Duong
    VP, Media Planning: Ben Gogley
    Media Director: James Zayti
    Business Affairs Director: Ann Davis
    Business Affairs Manager: Celia Regenberg
    Quality Assurance Manager: Chester Natividad, Ureesha Smith, Jason Lee
    Production Artist: Lawrence Matthews
    Director of Project Management: Lisa Malawar
    Project Manager: Jamie Fink, Dawn Cochran

  • Blinkbox’s Game of Bones

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    Move over, Montauk Monster. A much more impressive mystical beast has washed up on shore this summer and this one’s got medieval marketing muscle.

    UK streaming service Blinkbox has gone guerrilla to promote its release of Season Three of Game of Thrones, Wetpaint reports. (U.K. viewers can watch Season 3 on Blinkbox now, while only HBO subscribers in the U.S. can legally see the current episodes.)

    The company crafted and placed a 40-foot-long, life-like dragon skull on the “Jurassic Coast,” a beach in Dorset, England as a grassroots entertainment marketing stunt. It took two months to construct, and the design was inspired by the dragon skulls Game of Thrones character Arya discovered in Season One.

    Here’s the how-to video.

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